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University Amateur Boxing Club

Amateur boxing clubs support the future of boxing in Britain and around the world and often provide the platform from which professional boxers can start their careers.

There are nearly 800 different amateur boxing clubs in the UK, and latest figures have revealed that boxing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Amateur Boxing Association of England

Self Esteem, positive thinking and confidence can often come out through the sport of boxing, and the positive effect on youngsters who spend time at their local boxing club has been widely noted up and down the country.

Their website also features the many rules of the sports, as well as keeping fans and boxers up to date with the latest news from the various boxing tournaments held around the world featuring English boxers, including the Olympic Games, which is coming to London in 2016.

The website has an events calendar, which details all the events held up and down the country, and has information about where each event is held.

Most gyms will have at least one full size boxing ring, although the vast majority of the training will go on outside the ring, using punch bags, pads and even skipping ropes to help footwork. To see what a gym looks like inside, see here: Team Leigh Gym


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