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Each amateur boxing club in the England belongs to the ABA, which is the Amateur Boxing Association of England. The association help to organise The Royal Festival Hall volunteers and staff for clubs, as well as giving advice and funding to clubs where it is needed.


You can find a large range of punch bags, boxing gloves, head guards, gum shields, books, aikido suits, judo suits, karate suits, kickboxing equipment, martial art training videos, ninja suits, thai boxing equipment, heavy duty Chain, black belts, coachspar trainers gloves, floor to ceiling balls, home brackets and kickboxing trousers.

Martial Arts Footwear, Boxing Boots, Tai Chi Shoes

A wise teacher once told me that it was all about foot work. It follows that if there's any truth to this theory one should have the correct footwear. That may mean no shoes for some types of training, but equally, there are some great footwear options that will enhance and not hinder, your training. We have attempted to collate a range of training footwear that we feel will impress you.

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